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Original speech therapy tool SmartMouth is a movable model of the oral cavity which allows children to show and test the positions and movements of the tongue needed mainly for the articulation of individual sounds. The playful appearance of the tool helps to stimulate children's interest and keep retain their attention. It brings a fun element to the whole exercise, contributing to the motivation and desire to train, which are important factors that increase the success rate of therapy.
The movable model of the oral cavity works well with coordination of the dominant hand and the tongue, thereby improving the cooperation of both cerebral hemispheres. The child will try the correct positioning or movement of the tongue with the help of his or her hand in the hollow tongue of the tool, where we can help him or her with the precise execution of the position or movement by guiding the tongue. Then the child gradually tries the same with his or her own tongue, while he or she has a constant possibility of multisensory comparison, both visual (there should always be a mirror available) and auditory, where the speech therapist explains to him or her exactly what is happening and what needs to be improved.
SmartMouth is intended for therapies in speech therapy facilities and medical facilities, where it is necessary to demonstrate the work of the orofacial system. Furthermore in any and all types of educational facilities such as kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and social centres for prevention and care.


Increased motivation


Demonstration and multisensory approach


Awareness of the work of speakers


Cooperation of cerebral hemispheres